Going for Gold – the battle to come clean.

I’ve been doing alot of research on nutrition lately. Its an integral part of my plan to go clean, and I think its going to help me immensley when it comes to abolishing all things doing my body absolutely no favours. They say moderation is the key, but I’ve been doing moderation for the last ten years, and from my experience, it’s just not cutting it. Moderation should mean once every month, or every blue moon, not having a cheat day once every week. The way I see it, thats keeping the cravings and addictions well and truly alive so you never really have a chance to overcome it. Moderation is half-assing it. And half-assing it is something I’m obviously no good at.

So its either go for gold or don’t go at all. And I think this time around I’m gonna go for gold.

I have read article after article on a range of health and food related topics in order to arm myself with as much knowledge as I can about what it is exactly that I am putting into my body, and if its even beneficial. Then of course there’s that other secret weapon, and the most valuable source of information you can get. It’s free, has always been there and always will be. I’m referring to listening to your body and heeding its advice on what it needs. Notice how I said what it ‘needs’ and not what it ‘wants’? Big difference between the two. Deep down inside, we all instinctively know whether something is good for us or not, yet we still put it into our bodies. It’s the norm. Call it living in denial. Call it brainwashed and confused by society. Call it the ‘lifes too short, so eat, drink and be merry’ gene. Call it whatever you want. End of the day, when you find yourself looking in the mirror, your only seeing the choices you make on a day to day basis reflecting back at you.


Anyway, back to the topic. Sometimes, shuffling through all the information online can be daunting. At times, I wonder if the articles are even legit. But the answers to MY specific questions – they are rarely debated with or contested, and it seems to me that nutritionists, doctors, health experts and so forth have all called some kind of a truce when it comes to the simple facts about weight loss. They may edit and revise and word their articles in seemingly different ways, but the facts still stand. And before I hit on those blunt truths, let me ask you this – are you familiar with any of the following?

1 – you have attempted to give up bread, but find you can’t, you’ve convinced yourself its really not that bad for you

2 – you’ve spent a whole week eating clean, exercising regularly, then you splurge on the weekend with vodka/sprite/bourbon/cola/gin/juice (take your pick) – a treat for being ‘good’

3 – You followed your night out on the tiles with a massive day-after-hangover feed of BBQ salads, bread, sausages etc. You call this your cheat day and you have one once a week. On this day, you are free to eat anything you want to.

4 – you do the above every single week/end. Its the norm.

There is more I want to add, but I’ll refrain myself lest this turns into a novel. I’m positive that there are a number of people out there that can relate to the above, and I’d bet on my life that that number is sky high. That was me a mere two months ago, too. Even though I’m now more about the ‘mind, body and soul’ buzz rather than just the lose weight buzz, this information needs to be known. Its free. Its simple. And its common sense. To lose weight, the reality of what really needs to be done has to SINK RIGHT IN.

Here are the blunt truths. Ready to hear it?

1 – Unless your a high powered athlete, an All Black, or the owner of a super-duper fast metabolism, you CANNOT lose weight if you eat bread daily. Two slices alone contain 700 calories, and thats without the butter. A sandwich helps you pile on the weight more than a candy bar. Carbs are your number one enemy, not sugar. Interesting huh?

2 – You CANNOT lose weight if you are ‘splurging’ on alcohol every weekend as a ‘treat.’ Alcohol, pre-mixed and even beer, is jam-packed with sugar and additives and can undo a whole weeks worth of clean eating in a single night. Best bet is to go with top shelf on the rocks. Not everyones cuppa tea though.

3 – You CANNOT lose weight if you have a day a week as a ‘cheat day’ and it consists of eating anything you want in an entire day. Again, it will undo a whole weeks worth of clean eating and see you back at square one in no time.

4 – You CANNOT lose weight, become fitter, become healthier, perform at your best, live life to the fullest etc etc until you change your approach. And the best approach to go with is the following – THAT IT IS A LIFESTYLE….not a diet. Diets are temporary fixes. And rarely work in the long run

Not exactly groundbreaking information I know. Google it online and its all up in your face in a second. You probably knew all this anyway, but make no mistake – it is really just that simple and just that complicated. I think I recall hearing and reading all this banter throughout my whole life. I saw it on the TV growing up, read it in the Woman’s Day, witnessed it in real life when a number of my aunties went this route at some stage of their lives. Basically, it all starts with nutrition. Good, clean, simple nutrition. And it all starts with making the choice of accepting the lifestyle rather than accepting the quick fix.

Thats all it comes down to, I think. Choice. So if you think lifes to short to be worried about what you eat, then hell, eat to your hearts content then. Boil-ups, takeaways Mcds, KFC, bread, sausages, lollies, fizzies – go for the lot, and when your finished, wash it down with that six pack of bourbon and coke. Drink fizzies every day if its your ‘thing.’ Pour sugar all over your cereal. Load your coffee with sugar. And while your at it, sit on your ass all day long. If it makes you happy, do it. YOLO. So live it your way.


Personally, my choice is the latter. I’m picking the lifestyle over the quick fix, the clean over the filthy, because life is indeed too short – to take your health for granted. I’m not getting any younger. And neither are you. So remember this if you dont remember anything else that I’ve written here – you only have one body, and sooner or later its going to pay you back exactly what you’ve given it, and twice over. So make the choice today. Be good to it.

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