addicted to feeling good – my herbalife obsession

I am thrilled to announce that I have a new obsession. Fortunately for me, it is a rather…good obsession. Which is a relief as Lord knows I have had more than my fair share of weird and random addictions. Unlike my other past times,though, this one is proving to be more beneficial than destructive, especially physically. After my daughter, Herbalife is fast becoming the new love of my life.

I never thought I’d see myself fully immersed in the Herbalife way of life. I was first introduced to it in 2013. At the time, I was living with my brother and his two kids all the way out in the desert in the mining town of Newman. I’d just arrived in Australia. My brother hooked me with a job as a Bar Person down at the local pub (or the kiwi club) and it is here where I first caught a glimpse of my boss skulling back something gooey in a Herbalife-labelled cup.

Of course I’ve always been interested in all things health related. Always have been and probably always will be. My boss would occassionally mention this and that about Herbalife, that the products were amazing, that there was a business opportunity involved and etc. To be completely honest, it put me on my guard and, being a naturally suspicious person, I decided to do my homework on it. I jumped on Google, typed in Herbalife, and was immediately confronted with hits about how it was a scam and a pyramid scheme. I read story after story after story regarding the downsides of the business, the pushiness of the distributors, the pressure to recruit, the financial loss involved and so forth. Apparently, to this day, there is even a billion dollar campaign going on to bring the company down. Last I heard though, the promise to provide evidence that the company was illegal fell flat.

There were red flags everywhere. Because my boss and her husband were so good to me, I felt I owed it to them to mention it, as they were good people and I didn’t like the fact that they could be taken advantage of. They laughed it off though. Time passed, I moved to Perth, but kept in touch with them through Facebook. Despite my objections, they would still encourage me to jump on the Herbalife band wagon.

Fast forward to now – and jump on the Herbalife band wagon is exactly what I did. My former boss was happy to guide me into the process. I remember day I took the plunge. I jumped in without hesitation after I heard down the grapevine that there were Fit Clubs being run all over Perth under the Herbalife Sports brand 24. That was like the green light for me. Not only could I get in tip top shape, as research had proved that there was no doubt that the products worked, but maybe I could get back into my other passion too – instructing and dance? Five month later, and instructing and dancing is exactly what I am doing.

But most of all, I am having fun doing it.

I can definitely say that joining Herbalife is probably one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. Despite my reservations about the company at the start, the gut feeling was always there, telling me that there was something to this – and all I had to do was find out what it was. I have no doubt that bad experiences have been had within this business. But from what I’ve seen, it all comes down to three things. Your approach to it. Your mindset. And the people who take you under their wing. Especially the people who take you under their wing. I’ve been very fortunate to have a supportive team behind me who have the same mentality as I do – that it is not all about the money. That it is not all about striving for the perfect bod. For us, it is all about helping others feel good about themselves. That is our simple desire. Making money, losing weight or gaining weight is but a small percentage of it.

Its been a mere five months now, and I have never looked back.

As I said, it is now my new obsession. It has taken over my kitchen, my fridge and has seeped into every pore of my life. I take my Herbs with me everywhere. Bad eating habits have been replaced with good ones. I no longer drink fizzies, don’t eat bread, takeaways, complex carbs, or high-starch foods. Whats more, I don’t even miss or crave them a anymore. Herbalife fuels and fills me exactly the way I need to be fueled and filled. It gives me enough energy to go bouncing off the walls. After years and years of feeling like crap, my body feels like its functioning exactly as it should be. After years of the hermit, loner lifestyle, I am finally coming out of my shell and getting out there and meeting people who have also jumped on the Herbie band wagon. After years of mediocre fitness levels, I am actually running again. Seriously…the list goes on and on!

As for that bikini bod…that isn’t too far off the horizon either!

Herbalife has helped me achieve what I’ve been trying to do for years – which is go completely clean on my lifestyle

Anyway, so what is Herbalife?  Herbalife is many things. Any newcomer looking in from the outside can only see so much. To the newbie, it is a merely another weight loss thing. The truth is, it is so much more than that. It is no quick fix to a weight problem. It is no cure. And it most definitely is NOT a diet. It is, first and foremost, a LIFESTYLE. There are products designed to meet certain, specific targets, and yes, these products can be pricey. One of the first things that scare off potential customers is the price tag. It certainly scared me off in the start.

In my opinion, and just speaking from experience, it all comes down to how badly you want to feel at your best. It all depends on how much you want to change your life. It all depends on how much your willing to pay for optimum health. And it all depends on the sacrifices you are willing to make. Basically put, I was at the stage where I wanted change – and wanted it badly. So once I threw out the cigarettes, the alcohol, the bread, the butter, the fizzy drinks, the regular takeaways and the unhealthy lifestyle that was putting a dent in my wallet anyway, I found the transition to be not all that much of a financial hinderance after all. The major difference between my previous lifestyle and the Herbalife one is that I am paying pretty much the same amount of money, maybe a little bit more – but I am gaining so much more for it. I am gaining self-confidence. I am gaining optimum health. I am cleaning myself from the inside out, and it is showing on the outside. I am gaining knowledge and insight, and my eyes are opened now, more than ever, to the significant role that society plays in the obesity epidemic that is gripping our nation. In other words, I am getting my money’s worth. Which is another story for another day.

To sum it up – Herbalife, in my opinion, is a lifestyle that has the potential to change lives for the better, not just health wise, but mentally, physically, and maybe even spiritually – if only people could open their minds to it. It is on the map in just about every country in the world. There are millions of distributors helping to spread the word, and millions of people with their own personal success stories to tell. I have seen, with my own eyes, amazing physical transformations. I have sat down with people who have shared stories about how Herbalife got them out of a rut, and into a more positive way of living. I have seen people who have made a fortune out of the business opportunity available through Herbalife, doing something as simple as helping others and spreading the word. I have seen the perks involved, and the generosity of headquarters when it comes to rewarding its people. A weight loss thing? Yeah, sure it is all that. The trick to losing weight is so simple its almost laughable. But it goes way beyond that. The opportunities within the Herbie Family are fantastically unlimited. I kid you not. Everything I have mentioned above, it is happening around me like right now. And I say around me rather than to me, because nothing in the way of AMAZING has actually happened to me just yet. I’m not applying myself to the business side of things as much as I should!

But thats about to change. Lets just say that I have always had my ambitions within the Herbalife business, but am only just starting to take the steps towards it now. I still have my Herbie list too, which I scribbled down way back in June:

1 – lose weight

2 – make herbalife your lifestyle

3 – become a zumba fit instructor

4 – begin preparing to step into the business world

5 – market yourself as a distributor

6 – start working for yourself from home, build your own business helping other people help themselves.

I’m up to number 4 now. This is going to be the hard part, I think. But as long as I stay true to my course, keep my heart, ears and eyes open, and persevere – I think I’ll be fine. Why? Because I can see myself in this for the long haul.  The bigger picture is more than just looking good.  It is self-acceptance.  It is loving yourself, no matter what size you are. It is taking care of your body so that it can turn around and start taking care of you.

With Herbalife, its less about the outside and more about the inside…looking good is merely a bonus

The next journey is all about helping others. People need to hear about this. Not only that, they need to jump onboard – seriously. I’m not one for dictating to others how they should live their lives – but for this cause I will take the staunch stance, even if people don’t like it – because I totally believe in it.

I believe in it one hundred and ten percent.

Yip. I am addicted to Herbalife. I’m addicted to the ‘feeling good’ buzz because its a pure, clean, wholesome kind of feeling good. I love it, man. I find I have so much energy I can practically swing off the monkey bars with my girl, run a muck around the park with her, and still have energy to burn. Its amazing. And if I can get other people addicted to this too, then that will make me even happier, knowing that I’ve set someone else on the path to happiness’ Yeah man. This is my new lifestyle now.  My new addiction. My new obsession – and its one I am extremely proud to broadcast to the world.

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