The Alphabet Guide to Being a Good Girlfriend…(from my point of view, anyway)

Appreciate the little things – so he’s not the most romantic dude on the planet, nor does he rock your world in the bedroom department.  But appreciate the things he DOES do.  (e.g works hard to provide for his family, comes home to you every night, gets your favourite chocolate when he makes a trip to town etc.)

Blowjobs are gold to men – make sure you give him plenty, and you’ll have him wrapped around your little finger.

Compliment him often.  Not only will this boost his ego, but you may find him returning the favour – tenfold.

Dinner on the table EVERY NIGHT – especially if he works hard.

Encourage him in whatever he does.

Focus on the good things about your man, forget about the bad (unless he’s beating you or cheating on you left, right and centre.  Then, honey, your just being a dumb ass by staying.)  The more you focus on the good, the more of that good you will get back.

Give, give, give and you will receive.

Just like my Darks.

Have a break from him at least once a week.  Do something with a friend, go see a movie, go out and get on the piss.  It is important to keep your own identity in a relationship and prevent yourself from becoming too clingy.  Clinginess can be annoying to some men.  And it makes woman look weak.

Initiate SEX often.  There will be no need for your man to stray if you can keep him happy in between the sheets.

Jealousy is a relationship killer.  Seriously.  Let it go.

KNOW WHO YOU ARE.  BE CONFIDENT IN WHO YOU ARE.  And never, ever let a relationship compromise that.  Confidence in woman is very sexy to men.

Loyalty – one loyal girlfriend is worth more than a hundred hoes.

“It’s not the good times that make a couple stronger, but how they carry each other through the bad times.”

Mind games is another relationship killer.  Mind games is a sign of WEAKNESS and INSECURITY.  LEAVE IT OUT.

Never try to change your man.  This mostly ALWAYS backfires.

Openly communicate with your man.  The Silent Treatment (when a woman goes quiet because she’s pissed off) is a woman’s most over-used reverse psychological tactic.  It is also the weakest tactic.  Men are not mind readers.  Never have been.  Never will be.  Be straight up with your man.

Pride in your appearance.  A man likes for his lady to dress up to the nines now and then.

Quit asking so many questions.  If you persist on constantly nagging about where he’s been, what he’s been up to, who he’s been with etc, etc, then you will either drive him away, or your relationship will be fraught with tension and mistrust – and that sucks!

Respect and a mutual understanding of each other.

Space – one of the most important things a man needs.  The more you let him go, the more he will come back to you

TRUST!  One of the biggest assets on which to build any relationship.

UNDERSTAND that men will always be men.  It is in a man’s nature to look at other woman, and it is in a woman’s nature to find this threatening.  Unless your man’s eyes are absolutely bulging, his tongue is hanging out, and he has a visible hard-on while ogling another woman, then leave him alone. Feeling anger at your man for staring at other girls says something about YOU not him.

Visit his mother.  A bit off track, I know, but if you can get on reasonably civil terms with the dreaded mother-in-law, then he’s going to love you for that one!

Words – most men totally suck when it comes to telling you all the things you want to hear.  Keep an eye on his actions – that s what tells you whether he’s worth holding onto or not.

XXX – and again, I emphasise, lots and lots of hot and heavy SEX!

YOU ARE WORTH IT!  Make sure that your man is treating you like a QUEEN before you treat him like a king.


True Story.


Its all about…

Being YOU






Imperfection – nobody is PERFECT


Keep the faith


Making memories

Not giving up

Overcoming obstacles

Pushing yourself when things get TOUGH

Quiet, yet solid self-CONFIDENCE


STRIVING for what you want

Taking each day as it comes

Understanding and empathy for others




Zest for living!