Save our Angels


I know what I’d do.  If it were a member of the community, like my next door neighbour for example, I would promptly report that asshole to DoCS without the slightest hesitation.  And if it were….say…a family member, the hesitation would only be slight,  but I’d still dob them in.  Anonymously though.  Even if said family member were close to me and I knew their past and why they were so fucked up that they felt the need to smash the shit out of their kids.

Because Child Abuse is something I cannot tolerate, fathom or even comprehend, not in the least.  These are little kids we are talking about.  And also because if I knew a kid who was getting smashed around like a rag doll and it got to the point where it ended their lives – and I had, through the whole thing, decided to stay in my hole and not whisper a word of it to anybody – I don’t think I could live with that one on my conscience.


That subject was brought to the forefront of my mind on the weekend and, let me say, it has been a shit weekend. I was reading the latest national news on my Big Pond homepage, about little Kiesha Weippart and her monster of a mother and step-father.  The story was so heartbreaking that I literally sobbed my eyeballs out.  This is why I try and steer clear from all things ugly and horrible.  It brings out all my emotional emotions and propels me into a silence and sadness which see’s me breaking down in tears for no apparent reason, and constantly questioning the heavens above as to why, oh why is it that some people have to be so god damn cruel.

I’d heard tidbits and seen snatches of the story before, but only learned the full monty after clicking into the link last Saturday.  Ashamedly, it was the title and bits of the story that lured me in there.  I was scrolling down my Big Pond Home Page when I came across this…

‘Mother Jailed for sixteen years for murder of her daughter.’  A mother who subjected her six-year-old daughter to shocking abuse before burning her, putting her in a suitcase and burying her out in bushland has been sentenced to….please click to read more.

What?  I shouldn’t have gone in there, I really shouldn’t have.  But I did.  And the more I read, the more depressed I came.  Then depression gave way to a heavy, heavy sadness and I am crying uncontrollably at two thirty in the morning for some little Angel I never even knew, and rocking the bed, causing Darkman to wake up and shoot out “what the hell’s wrong with you?” But he knows me inside out and how unpredictable I can get, so I don’t bother to explain.  It will just cause an argument. AND THEN…the heavy, heavy sadness is replaced by an anger so overwhelming I want to throw my phone at the wall because it all seems so unfair.  But I don’t because, the fact of the matter is, I really cannot afford a new phone.

Oh yeah, angry.  You bet I was angry.  I was joining in with the rest of the world, some of whom were so pissed off they wanted to gun the bitch down.  Especially when the whole harrowing account was read out.  Abused since she was a little baby.  Put into foster care at fifteen months old after her mother ‘viciously bit her on the shoulder.’  On DoC orders, she was handed back to her mother a year later with a ‘care plan’ and no reason as to why that even came about when it should never have came about, never ever ever, not in a million years.  Then some people of the community decided to come forward AFTER the girl was killed, saying they had always known something wasn’t right.  Keisha had only ever been to school ‘four times.’  Neighbours and friends (I’m surprised the woman even had any) suspected the girl was getting the smack around, but couldn’t be a hundred percent certain.  It was evident, at least to a handful of people, that something was up.  And no-one said a single word because they ‘didn’t want to interfere’, and because it was ‘none of their business.’

And because they ‘didn’t want to interfere’ and because they felt it was ‘none of their business,’ a little girl died.  It is much their fault as it is the stupid mother’s.

This brings back vivid memories of another little Angel from my own motherland, Nia Glassie.  If I live to be a hundred years old, I don’t think I will ever forget that name.  She, too, was a victim of horrendous abuse by mongrels who now rot in a prison, fucking good job.  She, too, was knocked around like a rag doll.  Put in a dryer ‘for fun’ spun around on a clothesline to see how long it will take for her to fall off.  Punched and kicked whenever she had the audacity to cry, then punched and kicked again because she had the nerve to cry when she was being punched and kicked the first time.  And she, too, was failed by the system, and by people who knew what was happening but chose to turn a blind eye.  The people that lived next door from all these going on’s came forward – (again AFTER Nia was killed) – and gave an account of how they once saw little Nia sitting outside in the puddles, in her nappy, while it was faintly drizzling.  I can’t remember that one for sure, but I’m pretty sure ‘playing with dog poo’ was mentioned.

And they didn’t say a word – not a single fucking syllable, because they were ‘scared.’  Which is not understandable, not in the least, even if they were timid white things, and the abusive perpertrators next door were ugly and big and looked as if they belonged in a gang.  I’m pretty sure that little Nia had more reason to be fearful.  She was the one going through a hell no child on this earth should ever have to go through.  Poor, poor girl.

All our Angles, the world over, being treated like nothing more than dirt.  As if they asked to be bought into this world in the first place!  They did not choose to be here, so you have no right to treat them like your prepping up for a boxing match.  No fucking right whatsoever!

Sorry about the swearing.  I just don’t get it.  I really don’t.

IMAGINE if it were against the law to turn a blind eye to abuse, any sort of abuse? You can always lock up mother fucker’s who beat their kids, but you can’t bring back those kids once they are dead.  Nor can you stop the feelings of guilt that will, no doubt, come creeping up on you because ‘you were to scared to say anything.’  The guilt is ours, and so it bloody well should be.  But how about some preventable measures?  How about a law that says ‘if you close your eyes to child abuse, and refuse to report it, then you have committed a crime under the Prevent Child Abuse Act 101’ or something like that.  How about the earth is flat and the moon is a large piece of cheese?  You know this! You ALL know this, maaan.  To close your eyes to abuse is NOT.  THE.  ONE.

If you suspect a kid is getting bashed about, everything else needs to be pushed aside and it needs to be dealt to – for the safety of our kids.  Nevermind if you got it wrong.  Nevermind about minding your own business.  Nevermind about the consequences that result if you decide to nark on somebody you suspect is abusing their kid.  I’m pretty sure there’s an anonymous hotline you can ring, and if there isn’t, then there should be one.  More needs be done about Child Abuse.  More people need to start opening their mouth’s.  Seriously.  Like the Nike Ad says…just…do it.  Better safe than sorry.

I had a plan of posting some pictures of these little girls that I am talking about but…I’m not sure, I feel like that would be disrespectful to their memory somehow.  So I have just provided links and this song instead.  It’s actually targeted at domestic abuse, but the chorus of the song is so fitting, and resounds with so much meaning for our Fallen Angels I just had to put it up.  Stevie Wonder and Babyface.  A beautiful song that made me cry all over again.

Listen to the chrous, yo.  And please, wherever you may be, whether your reading this from the other side of the world or from down the road, just know that you have the power to make a difference.  Our tamariki’s (children) they don’t have a voice – they need you to be their voice.

Save our Angels.  They need me.  And they need you too.

Don’t fail them.